My Present State of Mind -Thinking Aloud

Image grabbed from – used without permission but with sincere attribution – JBQ

This is my second attempt to maintain a blog page with the hope of keeping my personal thoughts. I can’t really say it’s a “blog page”, so let’s just call this page an “open journal”. I have not written for a long time and it was only recently I suddenly had this burst of creativity – reached for my mouse and started clicking and scribbling some of my personal thoughts.

I am a greenhorn but I write almost about everything interesting – my writings are not professional and I’d rather keep them that way. It’s my own way to chronicle the  events in my life because there are so many things about me which only few knows. I don’t advertise my blog, I just need an outlet to preserve a record of my existence and I am sharing some of my present state of mind.


Learn to appreciate your life.

Dolce Vita.

— JBQ —

United Arab Emirates


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